Anti aging is the act of delaying or reversing aging process

research that shows a clear benefit of the anti aging

Anti aging is the act of delaying or reversing aging process so as to extend one’s life. It brings about physical, mental and social changes to a person. Aging comes as a result of continuous damage in the organs, cells and tissues. As days pass by, there are many errors that occur during reproduction of cells which result to cells that are not useful to the body. The more these non functional cells increase, the more they interfere with the normal functions of the body. DNA is also very vocal in the aging process. There comes a time when the mitochondria are used to generate energy during normal cell function which produces oxygen free by products. These byproducts that damage the DNA and if it persists for a long time, the process of damaging cells is increased. Aging starts to set in when the speed of destroying the cells is higher than the speed of reproducing new cells. People also age when anti oxidants defense in the body is weak.

HistoryofTissuesAging is not a process many people look forward to. There are many problems that come with aging some of which are decline in memory, visual impairment, hearing loss and difficult in communication. Some have physical changes that weaken them that they are unable to perform simple tasks as standing, walking, feeding and going to the bathroom.

The best and most recommended anti aging formula is healthy living. Eating a balanced diet in the right proportions and intervals is of great help. Avoid taking unhealthy fats such as red meat. Instead take white meat such as fish. Replace red meat and eggs with proteins such as beans. Take a lot of fresh leafy vegetables such as spinach, cauliflower and kale. Fresh fruits play a big role in the health of human beings thus crucial in fighting age. Most people age faster when their bodies are suffering from diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure which are as a result of an unhealthy life style. Apart from proper diets, one is advised to do some exercises, sleep well and reduce stress levels by being social and laughing much.

The other way to delay aging is the use of certain prescribed drugs. Most of the drugs are hormone based since hormones play a major role in aging. Scientists believe that by reversing the hormonal problem, the cells are able to function like they used to several years back. A good example is the Human Growth Hormone which increases libido; strengthen the immune system as well as increasing the muscles. Patients who have been treated with the Human Growth Hormone confirmed that the medicine worked as they felt young. Melatonin is another hormone that helps by enhancing the body’s antioxidants. Others enhance minerals and vitamins minerals and vitamins. All these medicines try to correct the causes of aging as indicated above.Oct10_2012_29464253_LayerOfCells_TissueEngII2072552191

There is no research that shows a clear benefit of the anti aging therapies regarding age delay or reversal. Most have side effects some of which may reduce your lifespan. The side effects include weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes among others. The best anti aging solution lies in a healthy lifestyle.

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