The Mommy Makeover Surgery

This is a surgery that is meant to help a woman look and feel like she did before pregnancy and childbirth. It is a procedure that consists of tummy tuck, breast lift,arm lift,thigh lift, liposuction, breast augmentation and at times a buttock procedure. mommy makeover plastic surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure and not a surgical weight loss procedure. The woman can opt to have one surgery for all the procedures or different surgeries.

before-mommy-makeoverReasons to have a Mommy Makeover are:

1. Excess tummy and abdominal fat

2. Excess loose skin on the abdomen with stretch marks

3.The breasts are wrinkled, sagging, have a decreased breast volume, the nipples are dropping and areolas are stretched. The breasts have also become large and are at times out of proportion with the rest of the body

4. Loose skin on the arms and thighs

5. Fat deposits that appear in various areas of the body

6. The waistline is thick and undefined

7. Women who have had a C-section and some areas of fat are hanging over the surgical scar

8. Excess fat on the hips and thighs.

9.There are early signs of aging in your face and around the eyes.

For a woman to be a good candidate for a what is a mommy makeover, she should not have any underlying health issues, like heart problems. She should also be at or near her target weight already, before undergoing the surgery.The surgery will have no effect on a woman’s ability to have children but, it is advised that before going through the Mommy Makeover, women plan on not having any more children.This is because a subsequent pregnancy will most likely reverse the results of the Mommy Makeover.

The Mommy Makeover surgery is not recommended for women who:

1. Have given birth recently and are still breastfeeding

2. Have diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol

3. Have a bleeding or a blood clotting disorder

4. Are obese and overweight

5. Are heavy drinkers as well as being smokers

The advantages of a Mommy Makeover are:

1.The bust becomes more youthful, and the tummy is flat

2. A woman will fit in their clothes and swimwear much better than before

3. The body returns to a more youthful appearance.

4. Because it combines a few different procedures at the same time, this will allow you to recover from all the procedures

5.The Mommy Makeover is usually custom designed for a specific woman and her body because, there are various procedures to choose from depending on the issues of the body

6.There will be a significant reduction in stretch marks and other skin conditions

7.There will be a great improvement in a woman’s self image

The disadvantages of a Mommy Makeover:

1. For the women who get breast implants, these will have to be monitored closely

2. Any pregnancy that will follow these surgeries may compromise results.

3. Any type of weight gain after these surgeries may also compromise results.

Outbreak Of Fake “Plastic Surgeons”

The popularity of cosmetic procedures has lead to an up-rise of people pretending to be a doctor to turn a quick profit. Although the scenarios may seem a little ridiculous, people have fallen for scams and ended up suffering major consequences. Real surgeons urge patients to never price shop when it comes to a physical alteration, and the outbreak of fake plastic surgeons further warn people of the consequences of not doing research. Dr Jason Hope said the popularity of cosmetic procedures has lead to an up-rise of people pretending to be a doctor to turn a quick profit.

Oneal Ron Morris

A fake doctor, along with sidekick Corey Alexander Eubank, is facing charges for extremely shady business practices in the state of Florida. Unsuspecting victims are charged a few hundred dollars to be injected with a mixture of mineral oil, cement, Fix-A-Flat, and then incisions are sealed with household Super Glue. People are coming forward to help build the case against Morris after a woman was hospitalized and near death. Injection procedures are often performed in homes and hotel rooms, raising a red flag that would urge a logical person to stay away. Not only had Morris falsely claimed to be a legitimate plastic surgeon, he is believed to also give himself the same toxic injections.

Ozan Melin

Fake Botox injections administered in a kitchen landed a 58-year-old woman in the emergency room fighting for her life. Ozan Melin claimed to be an American trained surgeon that offered free injections after the first round of “Botox” had no noticeable effect. The victim immediately noticed that the injections were more painful, and it continued to get much worse until she finally saw a nurse the following day. It turns out her heart had gone into Tachycardia, which can be deadly without proper urgent care. It is unknown what the contents of the injections were, but the woman admitted paying cash for the questionable procedure.

Nohemi Gabriela Gonzalez

Originally believed to have given an average of 30 individuals toxic silicone injections, further investigation revealed that an estimated 100 people fell victim to the underground scam. Gonzales had an operation running from her home in Edinburg, Texas offering injections at the rate of $250. Unfortunate people expecting to add volume to their hips, buttocks, and legs are paying the price of getting injections of an unknown substance. One victim ended up in the hospital, but recovered from a reaction that left her close to death. Another patient has died, but the investigation to determine if it is related to the injections is pending.

Liliana Coello

A New York woman received a maximum of three years in prison following a guilty plea for illegally performing surgical enhancements in her home. At least two women paid $2,500 for butt enhancement using unknown filler. A nightclub worker from Brooklyn ended up in the hospital with a serious infection after re-visiting the fake doctor for help. Coello told the woman that pain and leakage was normal for the first few days, followed with more injections, and sealed wounds with Krazy Glue. Multiple hospitalizations leave the victim with a good chance to face lifetime health issues with the possibility of death if gangrene is able to develop.

New cases are being opened constantly revealing an alarming amount of fake doctors willing to collect cash for dangerous procedures. Always do the research to ensure that cosmetic surgery is performed by a licensed medical professional. Never agree to services that are offered at a discount or performed in a non-sterile environment. No insecurities with body image are worth the possibility of death or complications in people that cannot afford a real doctor. Most reputable doctors offer payment plans in the form of credit to allow financing of plastic surgery procedures.

Should An American Travel To Thailand For Liposuction?

More and more people today are going to be looking at liposuction. It certainly can be a great option to consider especially when you want to cut down on the amount of fats in the body. In fact thousands of people today are going to look at lipo as a way to go a size down. However, many Americans today are deciding that they want to travel abroad in order to get the work done. Many find Thailand a viable option for them to choose when they get liposuction but is this really safe? Should an American travel to Thailand for liposuction?


You Can Get Cheaper Prices When Travelling To Thailand


Liposuction is certainly going to be something that many people are looking for today however, when you travel to Thailand for this procedure you might find it to be rather cheap. In fact in Thailand, it can be a lot less costly to get liposuction done here rather than back home wherever that may be. This is why more and more people are going to look at Thailand to get liposuction. However, is it really safe to travel to get plastic surgery done?


Why Americans Look To Thailand


For a start, more people look abroad for the simple fact they don’t have lots of cash, secondly, it’s really private. You can say you’re going off on a holiday and done your liposuction done and no one would ever know! This is why more and more people today want to look abroad for lipo but should you? Well, it is actually both a good and bad idea. It can be a good idea because the prices are cheaper but it can be a bad idea because you can’t be sure if the surgeon working on you is legit.


Americans Travelling To Thailand Need To Be Wary


Everyone will have their own opinion over how safe it is for an American to travel to Thailand however, it can be a tricky question to answer. Depending on how stable the country is and whether there are any government warnings, it could be OK to travel but of course, you do need to be very wary. If you are planning on travelling to Thailand for liposuction then you do need to be extremely cautious and wary. Depending on which part of the country you’re travelling to, it may be safe for you but do be careful.


liposuction and breast augmentation clinic


Is Liposuction Safe In Thailand?


Going to an accredited doctor and surgeon will ensure that you are getting good value for money. You are going to Thailand for liposuction however you don’t want to go to a surgeon that isn’t accredited. You need to do a lot of research and be very careful over which doctor you are allowing to work on you. You always need to be extremely careful when it comes to getting any plastic surgery done even lipo; travelling abroad always presents risks so just ensure you know. Liposuction can be safe however as long as the surgeon working on you is a qualified professional.

Cost To Get a Full Medical Assessment in Thailand

Travelling to Thailand can be very fun and special however, you may want to know the cost for a medical assessment. You never know when you are going to be ill or feel ill and it’s important to be prepared for whatever costs may come your way. Unfortunately you may find yourself sick when you are on vacation and if you are in Thailand, how much will it cost you to get a full medical assessment done? This is something which is very important to ask especially when it comes to getting the best for your health.


Do You Want The Complete Package?


If you are looking for the complete package as it were or the full medical check up then you are going to find that it costs a good few thousand dollars. In Thai money it may set you back well over 13000 baht; however, the real costs are going to vary from which hospital you visit. Most of the times, it will be around 13000 baht and usually, you really shouldn’t be paying more than two hundred US dollars for a MRI. This is not often included in a full check up so if you do want this, then you may find you have to pay can get more ideas at about full medical assessment in Thailand.


The Cost for a Full Medical Assessment in Thailand


If you were to get bloods taken, x-rays and got a complete check up then it may be around 2400 baht, however, this may depend on the hospital you choose to go. If you were to see a doctor then it may be cheaper, however, it may cost over 20000 baht. The prices and costs can vary so it is hard to get an exact cost but mostly the costs aren’t going to be too expensive. This is something that isn’t too expensive which is good if you are looking to get a full medical assessment while over in Thailand.follow this link for more details.


Always Be Wary Of Who You Choose To Work on You


Knowing the costs are important but so are, knowing who you hire to work on you! Thailand can be a wonderful country to visit but you absolutely do need to be wary of which doctor you choose. The costs for a full medical assessment in Thailand can actually be cheap, cheaper than in many other countries around the world however, it can all vary on which particular doctor or hospital you visit. You may find that the cost for a full medical assessment is a little higher in one city than what it would be in another five or six miles away.



Costs Can Vary


To be honest, the costs for a full medical assessment can vary throughout Thailand. If you go to a private or doctor then the costs are going to be rather expensive however, if you visit a regular hospital then the costs could be cheaper. It really all depends on the location of the hospital, the city and the exact examination you want done. For a full medical assessment it will be more costly than just a basic check up.